Day 30

Today I have no commitment until 6 PM, so I take the bus downtown, grab my climbing shoes at the office, and walk to the gym!

I pick up at 1-month pass at LA Boulders (LA.B) for $100 and check the place out.

This gym is bouldering only, like Circuit NE in Portland.

It's smaller than Circuit, but still with lots of wall space.

I climb all the V1's and V2's I can find. I finish many of them.

Looking forward to coming back here during my remaining two weeks in LA for open climbing and lessons.

Day 27

Still no motorcycle, so instead of climbing I'm drinking while I'm using the bus to get around LA.

Climbing will commence when I get the bike back.

Day 26

Taking advantage of getting around via bus, I decide to drink after work before going home instead of going climbing.

My motorcycle will be out of the shop soon and once I'm riding I won't be drinking, will replace that post-work activity with climbing.

Day 25

I'm running all around LA (mostly on the bus, which takes a long time) and run out of time to get to the gym.

Day 22

I'm in Seattle today and I climb at Stone Gardens in Bellevue.

This is where I first started climbing 2.5 months ago. All of the problems are different now.